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Fortress Chiswick

According to the Daily Mail we are in the grip of a 'terrifying crime wave'. While I don't doubt for one second everything that local shopowners who were interviewed for this article are saying, this is not a crime wave. Shoplifting and smash and grab raids have been going on in this area for years and years and so, while this problem may have been getting steadily worse, it is nothing new. It just seems to have attracted the Mail's attention because a celebrity unwisely wore a very expensive watch when in the area but robberies occur like this almost every day in places like Kensington and Chelsea and nobody describes them as fortresses. Shoplifting and shop windows broken for robberies are happening all the time in every town centre in London and many across the country.We aren't likely to ever get more police patrols along the High Road as there simply aren't the resources and the police themselves don't seem to believe this is effective. The solution to stop the problem getting even worse must be technology that is readily available. If someone stops in a car for 30 seconds to drop off a person on Turnham Green Terrace they get a fine. Yet people steal from shops on the same road with impunity. We already have accepted being the most surveiled city in the world so why shouldn't we start to get some benefit from all the cameras watching us with them being used to deal with crime rather than road traffic enfringements.

Felicity Caborn ● 36d62 Comments ● 24d

Perils of proposed Street Food Market

Re the monthly Food Market application, I have just received Panel Pack agenda for the Licensing Sub-committee for the 22nd August 2023.  See below:’t read it all yet.  But already note on the licence application – see link below – where it says “It is a requirement to provide evidence on how you intend to remove trade waste from the site”– the answer given by applicant simply says: “Traders will remove all their rubbish at the end of the market.”The form then states: “It is a requirement to provide evidence on how you will transport fresh water to the site and how you intend to dispose of the waste water. Please state details here:  Answer given by applicant just says: “Traders will bring the water they need to the site and remove any waste water when they leave.”And so it goes on.  In other words the applicant is taking no responsibility and is providing no evidence of assured maintenance of hygiene standards were this market to go ahead. So the bit of fun offered by a monthly variety of snacks on sale would have many hugely negative repercussions. Not only would the food street market pose absolutely unfair and damaging competition to the many established food traders who pay very high costs to be on Chiswick High Road and who are already suffering extremely difficult trading conditions.  The significant litter and detritus from the proposed Food Market would be incredibly deleterious to the area.For these reasons I hope the licence application is turned down.

Rae Lewis ● 48d60 Comments ● 25d