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From Brentford TV - Cllr Katherine Dunne isacked as Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council

"BRUTAL. HUMILIATING. SHE WAS HOLDING BACK TEARS." Cllr Katherine Dunne sacked as Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council. Council Leader Shantanu Rajawat announced his decision at last night's meeting of the Labour Group of Councillors. He appointed Cllr Tom Bruce as her replacement.Cllr Dunne pleaded with Cllr Rajawat not to announce the move during the meeting – whilst he was actually doing so – but he ignored her and carried on. She was holding back tears.She accused him of not following Labour standing orders over the election of the Leader and Deputy Leader. However she accepted that she knew this breach was happening previously and had never done anything about it.She also asked him what message the replacement of a female Deputy Leader with a male sent to other women and whether it showed Cllr Rajawat's lack of gender balance in his leadership team.He gave a "rubbish response" and the exchange became heated as she interrupted him saying: "Answer my question!The meeting was held behind closed doors with the usual warnings, "Don't leak to Brentford TV!" Cllr Dunne – who represents Syon and Brentford Lock – remains a member of the Cabinet but left the meeting "an angry and lonely figure", according to one witness. While she has personal support from other Councillors, much of this is muted because they are, in effect, on Cllr Rajawat's "payroll" – receiving significant Special Responsibility Allowances at his discretion. This helps him to maintain control. She oversees a large portfolio – Transport Strategy (including Active and Sustainable Travel), Aviation Policy, Climate Emergency, Net Zero Neighbourhoods, and Environment Strategy and Policy (including air quality). All these require her to work closely with the Leader. Will that prove difficult now their relationship – never that strong – is so visibly fractured? She is the leading figure behind the Council's Climate Emergency Action Plan. Will Cllr Rajawat reduce some of her work and prominence? Dedicated to tackling climate change – and sympathetic to Extinction Rebellion – would Cllr Dunne be willing to accept that? Would others? There is the potential for a widening split. This is a move with unpredictable consequences.Also confirmed was the resignation of Cllr Guy Lambert from the Cabinet and his replacement – as predicted here – by Cllr Raghwinder Siddhu.Hounslow Council holds its Annual Meeting on 28 May when the changes will be confirmed and the new Mayor will be "elected" – ie appointed by Cllr Rajawat. As we have revealed, this will be Cllr Karen Smith.

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10 year birthday for London's first mini-Holland

A lot of familiarity with the Chiswick experience here as the Waltham Forest mini-Holland scheme celebrates its 10th birthday. Luckily Chiswick gets to enjoy the experience of changing the way we live in urban space while sadly neighbouring Ealing and Richmond suffer in the old paradigm of car primacy. . benefits:"A game-changing transformation has resulted in more cycling, more walking, fewer collisions - saving lives. It’s resulted in greater footfall in the shops, cleaner air, closer communities.“We no longer need to design our cities for cars. We need to design them for people. This encapsulates that and shows what is possible. The impact goes way beyond London. Waltham Forest has shown the world how to do it."The hysterical and vile opposition:"Clyde Loakes, the councillor who led the introduction of the schemes, faced numerous threats to his safety. “There were some pretty hairy interviews with the police about some of the stuff that was coming my way,” he recalled.He received hate mail and protesters brought a coffin to Orford Road to signify the “death of Walthamstow village” when the road restrictions were made permanent in 2015. The newly-appointed Dutch ambassador, who was a guest at the event, was “chased” away by protesters.The Labour-run council had to fend off a judicial review challenge in the High Court brought by the E17 Streets 4 All group."And more on the benefits:"In 2018, researchers at King’s College predicted that children in the area would live longer because the air was cleaner.Mr Loakes said: “It started off just as a highways project, but look at the difference we have made in public health terms, in air quality terms, in congestion.“It all came from a nugget of an idea that we could make a difference and help more people to walk and cycle more often.“I didn’t even know what a cargo bike was, but now you see them on the school streets. Because we have created the infrastructure, parents feel safe to transport their most cherished loved ones to school and back again by bike.”

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Theft of parcel on Barrowgate Road, request for cctv footage

Hello, this morning I was waiting for a parcel being delivered by DHL of clothing valued at £298 pounds from Free People. The DHL driver driver did not ring my bell nor deliver to my door, instead he left the parcel in my communal hallway of 29 Barrowgate road. At 11.44am I got a notification to say the parcel was delivered at 11.27 of todays date (2 may 2024) with a photo of it in the communal hallway, and as soon as I got the notification I went downstairs to get it and the parcel was gone. The communal door was left open with the floor matt placed in it to stop the self closing door from closing and locking. I found this quite strange and suggests to me that someone either did it intentionally or it was just a random bit of bad luck and an opportunist saw the door ajar and the delivery and came and stole it. I have reported this to the police, Free People and my credit card company (as I did not agree for the items to be left in a safe space so applying to have a money credited back). I am wondering if anyone has ring or cctv footage on the road and can have a look around that time of anyone walking around 29 Barrowgate road between 11.44am - midday and if there is any footage in particular of them observing 29 Barrowgate road around or before 11.44am. On the other hand if anyone used local websites or gets offered to buy the following items: Free People - We The Free Camden Sweatshirt size XS Black 78.00 pounds rrpFree People - Baller pants size XS in Blue 78.00 pounds  rrpFree People - Time Pants size XS in Black 118.00 pounds rrpMany thanks

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Conservative staff running vile racist anti-ULEZ FB groups shameful and desperate stuff from the Conservatives uncovered by a Greenpeace investigation. But hardly surprising to anybody who has had the remotest of involvements in the Chiswick road wars. Our local closed member Facebook group, OneChiswick, has been disseminating hate against proponents of clean air and safer streets for four years and some of their members are no doubt involved in the groups adopting similar tactics against ULEZ.And our local Councillors have been active in spreading the same hate and conspiracy theories described in this article. You have to wonder why they are so motivated to stop clean air and safer streets schemes that they would lower themselves to this level and risk the damage to their reputations and careers.  Extracts from the article below for those who do not wish to click the URL. "Ami McCarthy, political campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: “These groups are an absolute cesspit of vile racism and hate speech, as well as a breeding ground for dangerous conspiracy theories. That they’re being managed by Conservative operatives speaks volumes about the direction in which the party has gone, and just how toxic these anti-Ulez campaigns have become. The party should launch a full investigation into this whole shameful scandal and everyone involved.”"Conservative party staff and activists are secretly operating a network of Facebook groups that have become a hotbed of racism, misinformation and support for criminal damage.An investigation has identified 36 groups that appear to be separate grassroots movements opposing the expansion of ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) schemes to reduce air pollution. They do not say they were set up by the Conservatives as part of a coordinated political campaign.The closed groups – which have a combined membership of 38,000 – have been a forum for Islamophobic attacks on Labour’s London mayor Sadiq Khan, with members calling him a “terrorist sympathiser” and a “khaki punt” and saying they would pay to get him “popped”. Other posts promote white supremacist slogans, antisemitic conspiracy theories and have encouraged the destruction of Ulez enforcement cameras."

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