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H&F get it right - why can't Hounslow folllow

As Adrian Irving pointed out recently, Hammersmith & Fulham certainly do seem to have taken some good steps to maintaining their borough.  Would that Hounslow could follow suit. H&F unveils new chemical-free weeding treatmentsPublish date 27 July 2017Image 1: New non-chemical weed killers in use at Fulham PalaceLast year we were one of the first councils in the country to halt the standardised use of potentially harmful glyphosate weed killers from being sprayed in public places.We took this step to better protect people and their pets but also to safeguard bees and other wildlife essential to our environment.We've been trialling new non-chemical alternatives – with hot foam and hot water being the chosen treatments now being used across the borough.“The standardised spraying of toxic chemicals is not good for our environment or for all of us who live and work in it. So we've been trialling other environmentally-positive approaches.” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services."There have been teething problems which we're fixing but we're determined to keep our streets some of the cleanest anywhere while also striving to be the greenest borough in the country.TreatmentsTo watch this video, please accept statistics cookies and reload this page.The council’s contractors are now using a hot foam treatment across our parks and estates and a hot water treatment for roadside weeds.To use these new treatments, we had to buy completely new equipment and train our staff how to use it.The new non-chemical treatments are kinder to the environment, so are better for bees and other wildlife, as well as people.A borough-wide weeding program is currently underway. If your street has not yet been treated, it will be done shortly.Due to the size of some of the weeds, they may need more than one treatment to be killed off, but the teams will also weed by hand to ensure unsightly weeds are kept to a minimum.To report a weed issue or other street mess, download our Report It app to your smartphone, or report it online.You can also find out what else we’re doing to become the greenest borough in the country and how you can help.

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Please sign petition to record  numbers of companion animals euthanised in England

Please consider signing the Petition to record and publish numbers of companion animals euthanised in England - a few thousand more signatures needed before it can be debated in parliament Thousands of healthy animals are euthanised every year, often because families no longer want them or can afford them. there is no accurate data on companion animal euthanasia. We want requirements for veterinarians, rescue organisations and pounds to record and report details on companion animal euthanasia including why, where, gender, breed, age, and breeder information.This should then be published by the Government.Government responses to previous petitions have failed to acknowledge that this data is needed.A large number of companion animals are at risk of euthanasia and/or euthanised due to economic restraints, behaviour issues, lack of rescue spaces and treatable health conditions.Mandatory recording requirements would provide information that can be used to put in place measures to help reduce future risks of euthanasia and provide data leading to awareness and action on areas of concern to the public, such as abandonment, bites and behaviour.Change does not happen without evidence.🆘🆘 This is a very sad situation 🆘🆘Our petition has only reached 7.5k signatures and is at risk of dying a death for the 3rd time as we need 10k signatures for a response and a whopping 100k for a debate. We struggle so much with shares and signatures yet we know that other posts get amazing reactions and we help save so many lives. Please help by signing and sharing

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