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Covid, Sweden and the Myth of Herd Immunity.

I see that Michael Brown, our resident Holocaust/Twin Towers/Covid Denier, has taken to posting vague, unattributed charts, entirely out-of-context, to try to "prove" his claim that Sweden didn't have a lockdown, and so had far fewer deaths.This is a complete lie.1. While Sweden didn't impose a total national lockdown, it did take some measures, such as closing schools and universities and banning gatherings of more than 50 etc. Meanwhile, local authorities imposed further restrictions. More generally, Swedes themselves voluntarily self-isolated and practised enhanced hygiene measures as "good citizens" in a popular social democracy. Further, as a highly developed country, they readily embraced Work From Home, and as analysis of real-time credit card use and travel passes showed, greatly reduced their travel and shopping.2. Nonetheless, despite the above and the fact that they have a highly developed health service, however you measure it, they have some of the worst death rates in the developed world, CONSIDERABLY worse than their Nordic neighbours.For example, the current number of Covid Deaths per Million of Population is as follows:United Kingdom - 672SWEDEN - 577France - 515Denmark - 122Finland - 64Norway - 52 There are emerging any number of authoritative studies, incl from Sweden itself, which show that their approach has been pretty disastrous, eg: course all the above pre-supposes that you you take 5 minutes to google the subject with an open mind - a process clearly alien to nutjob conspiracy theorists like Brown, who are entirely impervious to reason, facts, evidence or indeed basic honesty should such concepts challenge their pre-conceived obsessions.)3. "Herd Immunity" in the context of Covid is a myth, which has not happened, indeed cannot happen.For as Sarah Pitt, Fellow of the Institute of Bio-Medical Science at Brighton University recently pointed out in an episode of BBC World Service "Science in Action", in the entire history of Mankind, Herd Immunity has never developed for any virus in the absence of an effective vaccine: (18 mins 30 secs in)And once more, even a perfunctory search will demonstrate that that is so, eg

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Book a vaccination through the national booking system

Good Afternoon to Residents & Partner Organisations of Hounslow CCGPlease see important messages below and attached poster Letters are now being sent to NW London residents to book a vaccination through the national booking system Letters inviting residents to register for an appointment at large vaccination centres have now started to be sent out by the national booking service to people in the first priority groups. The letters invite people to log onto the national booking system or call a national number to book their appointment at a centre within 45 minutes of their home address. More information about the national booking service here. The letter will include a unique booking code and individual NHS ID number to support the booking – these will be needed from the letter to book the appointment. Residents will not be able to book an appointment until they receive this invite letter, which will be sent when it’s your turn for  a vaccination.Letters will initially go to people in the top JCVI groups who are in reasonable travelling distance of the locations that are open, and who haven’t already been vaccinated through other NHS vaccination services. People will only be able to book into the large vaccination centres and pharmacies using this system. More large vaccination centres and pharmacies will open over the next few weeks, which will be added to the booking system. Residents are being reminded that if they have already booked an appointment with their GP they should ignore this letter. Public information is also available here Reminder not to turn up too early to ensure social distancing If you have an appointment booked, please try to ensure that you arrive no more than five minutes before your appointment time.  This is to avoid you having to wait in long queues outside. When you attend your appointment, you'll need to:     bring a face covering, unless you are exempt from wearing one    wear a loose fitting top that lets you uncover your upper arm easily    bring your booking reference and NHS number, found on your invite letter, if your appointment is at a vaccination centre If you need a carer you can bring them with you on the day. If you’ve not been invited for a vaccination yet, don’t worry.  The NHS will let you know when it's your turn to have the vaccine. It's important not to contact the NHS for a vaccination before then. For more information you can go to the website: Kind regardsHounslow CCG Communications TeamWebsite: www.hounslowccg.nhs.ukTwitter: @HounslowCCG

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