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Upbeat on medical cover, tubes, car and passport.

Amongst the Autumn gloom some good news.  Most of you clever people all know this; but the following may help our Chiswick neighbours.1. We did an online UK passport request 11 days ago @ with an online iPhone photo.   No data changes [name / address DOB etc.].  It took eight, maybe nine, minutes. Enter a Telephone number & email address; blah, blah.  It was approved 23rd September by Liverpool Passport Office.   It is being printed today. All tracked by email. One Easy win.2. Better than our dawdling District line, the pleasant Turnham Green way to New Bond Street [NBS] November 6th onwards is Elizabeth Line via Ealing Broadway (maybe 8 minutes).    A step-free one minute walk, then just 14 minutes EB to NBS.   Use Tottenham Court Road stop to Euston; use Farringdon stop (18 minutes) to Gatwick, London Bridge & St. Pancras.   Liverpool Street is five Elizabeth stops from Ealing Broadway!   Woolwich station [9 stops] looks quick if you want London City Airport.3. Tired with our AXA PPP medical cover, we transferred in 2022 direct to BUPA.   We saved £100.00 per month, each, going forwards.  No hassle and same-day transferable UK medical cover.    Explore it online.4. I cancelled my Three wi-fi contract in July.  This month they requested more money.   They inefficiently “forgot” to cancel my DD.   My bank say it is their responsibility, not mine.  Anyway, I stopped the DD.    Always check cancelled contract suppliers have ceased the DD charges made to your Bank.5. We sold an old car due to ULEZ. There were tears.  We saved £1,200 + in MOT, repairs & insurance, DVLA and Hounslow costs.   We use tube / taxis - as needed.   We now have one car.  Another win.I am bored with the vituperation and denunciation in many postings.   Time we were better to each other.   If you want the comparison cost medical website name, you’ll have to ask me nicely; by giving a contact point - a phone to which I can text.

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