Bedford Park Society Releasing Extra Newsletters During Covid-19 Lockdown

Cheering up those spending time at home, with spring photographs and articles about notable former residents

Photograph by Ellen Rooney

The Bedford Park Society (BPS) has introduced a new feature, which they hope will be of interest while many are spending so much time at home.

Each week they will be sharing information about notable former residents of Bedford Park houses. They are also publishing some photographs of the early signs of Spring around Bedford Park, reminding us of the beauty of the area.

The idea came about after the BPS had already sent out information on the initiatives set up locally to support vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis.

The second e-newsletter is now available online.

There are some beautiful photographs capturing spring scenes in the area by Ellen Rooney .

Notable former residents, Harold Piffard: Artist and Aviator, Ian Dury the artist and punk singer, Frank Middlemass Actor (The Archers, amongst others)are featured in the latest e-newsletter.

If you missed the previous e-newsletter , you can read it here and it features spring blossoms such as camellias, and notable residents of Blandford Road ranging from a famous actor to a Russian anarchist!

You can contact the Society at, with any information you may have about former residents of your house or road.

A spokesperson said; "Someone had submitted a story about a local Bedford Park person and we thought that while so many of us are spending so much time at home, we would launch a new feature of E-news based on sharing photos of Spring arriving in Bedford Park and also information about interesting people who formerly lived in Bedford Park houses."

They are currently releasing one e-newsletter per week.

Anyone who wants to join the Society, and receive the newsletters can do so here.

The Bedford Park Society AGM scheduled for May 21st, has been postponed until further notice.

April 17, 2020