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The fact remains that he's getting paid £500k a week by an employer who isn't (unless there's an unusual clause in his contract) required to play him.  He wasn't forced to rejoin Manchester United.  If he's so unhappy then he could tell the club so privately and both parties could agree to terminate his contract.  Unlike most people in that scenario, and despite being on the slide ability and performance wise, he'll then probably go to a pre-retirement home for footballers, otherwise known as the Saudi, Chinese or US leagues, get paid even more money as a 'marquee' signing, amble around the pitch for a year and then eventually retire.However, despite all of this, and s with so many other sportsmen, politicians and celebrities, he is so out of touch with the average person that his sense of self-entitlement and lack of humility knows no bounds.I mean, the poor bloke feels 'betrayed' by the club who is playing him £500k a week.  When one thinks of what is going on in the world, how some people don't even have access to clean water, wouldn't you feel ashamed to use such ridiculous language and hyperbole ?.Tell you what Ronaldo, come and sit down with me for 5 minutes.  I'll tell you how my wife and unborn child were tragically killed 9 months ago.  Consequently, I feel (and will always feel for the rest of my shell of an existence I'm now having to live) that the world/god/fate/everything has betrayed me.  Perhaps then you'll shut the **** up and realise life isn't so bad ?.

Adam Beamish ● 85d