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Yu (seless) Energy

Has anyone else had the misfortune to deal with the cowboys at Yu Energy? We let out an area of a building to a small amateur football club as changing rooms, whose electricity usage is, by its nature, infrequent and relatively low. When our previous supplier went belly-up last November we were devolved onto Yu Energy, who since then have refused to accept actual meter readings that did not agree with their wild over-estimates (even when backed up with photos of the meter), taken direct debits twelve times the actual amount due, and in their latest scam, have increased the daily charge from 19.36p per day to £6.49. Obviously I have queried this increase with their misnamed Customer Care department, who promised an explanation ten days ago. Instead, I was woken up this morning by a call from their Credit Control department asking why I had not paid their October bill. I explained and was told I needed to call their Sales team. The first call I was cut off as I was explaining why I was calling. This happened again on the second attempt. At the third go I finally got someone to listen and was told it was not a matter for Sales I needed to contact Customer Care, but all their lines were busy. Instead I have e-mailed them again and wait to see if I get any sort of sensible response this time round. I am posting this as a warning - if anyone suggests Yu Energy to you as a supplier of electricity, my advice is to scream and run the other way.

Richard Greenhough ● 86d3 Comments