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@standardnews peddling Kremlin talking points

The Evening Standard has published a story today about what they call Joe Biden's 'latest gaffe' in which he said 'Falluja' when he should have read Kherson.The article doesn't mention that Biden was giving a press conference after the mid terms in which he answered questions for about half an hour. I watched it from start to finish. He addressed every question fully and articulately without notes making complex points in way we never see from British politicians. He did so with grace and good humour. This came at the end of what would have presumably been a gruelling few days.The Falluja mistake was the only substantive error duing all this time and he immediately corrected it. It is almost definitely the case that he made the reference because he would have recently received a briefing of the possibility of the Russians leaving units not wearing uniforms inside Kherson to bog the Ukrainians down in brutal urban warfare.Otherwise he spoke with a fluency and exactness that few of us would be capable and which certainly bears no comparison to the spluttering incoherence of Trump.It is obviously not ideal that the best candidate the democrats can put forward at this stage for President is a man in his eighties and no one can say what his condition will be in six years time when he would still be president if he got a second term but, right now he appears on top of his game.The false claim that Biden has dementia is a line that is being pushed aggressively by Russian troll farms and their bots on social media. The Kremlin wants Biden out because of his robust support for the Ukrainians. It therefore should be of profound concern to all of us that London's main newspaper is picking up and running with this. It is worth remembering that it is owned and operated by the Lebedevs. Lebedev senior is a former KGB agent and confident of Putin and his son, the preposterous Baron Siberia, is the one who subverted our government by compromising Boris Johnson at parties at his Italian villa.There should be no doubt that these agents of a hostile foreign power are hiding in plain site but still doing the bidding of their masters and funders in Moscow to manipulate democratic processes in the west. If the police aren't going to investigate them then a public inquiry should be held into their activities.

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