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We must kerb the Scallywags shoplifting,fare dodging and thieving.

Its seems that shop staff and others are afraid to challenge shoplifters for fear of receiving injuries or more.I observed a scuffy chap..with no socks...taking food and drink from Marks and Spencers shelving... then pretend to settle his bill at the self service check out and then proceed to leave by the back exit. I told three hefty male staff at the back of the Store to curtail their chatter and to chase the scalleywag."Oh no ,we're not allow to apprehened shoppers. I reported the matter to the Manager. He too said we mustn't challenge them. Call the Police? (Waste of time?).So businesses on OUR HIGH STREET ARE HAVING TO TOLERATE THESE SCALLEYWAGS. At Chiswick Park Station I observe a chap crash through the double sized exit barrier without showing his ticket.I asked the Station the small cabin .next to the barrier and he reported that such crass behavior happens all the time...maybe 20 plus a day. Loss of income to the Tube?Earlier I had watched a scuffy lady jump on a 91H.bus at Lampton.She used the side intentionally.She also was consuming an open can of alcohol. I told the bus driver..but unlike some..took no action. When I challenged the girl as she got off at Clayponds Lane...her utterances were the usual.Bicycle thefts are another bain of peoples lives. Our Police Commander says "Things will get worse"Cllr MacGregor reports.on the headaches of such behavior.Hounslow town is bad enough. Is there a creep towards Chiswick? Creep? The scalleywags are already here.

Jim Lawes ● 91d30 Comments