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Times have changed and so has waste.  We used to have a metal bin and all our waste fitted into it.  We used to live according to our means and not on credit and so we were more thoughtful a lot of the time about what we bought.  There was also less packaging of any kind and amount and our purchases didn't come from so far away with little thought given to how it would be disposed of. There was also a smaller population.You don't seem to have grasped how much influence Govt has over Councils.In order to reduce the cost of the disposal and the lack ways to dispose of our waste (now separated so that as much as possible can be reused rather than our precious earth's resources being lost forever) Councils are now grouped together into Waste Authorities so that they can share a lot of facilities and try to create as little waste as possible by recycling and reusing whatever more complicated REDUCED waste people now have.  The easy to separate and sell on/dispose of (it isn't all profit-making) is collected in our KERBSIDE collections which most people now have.  (Anyone who hasn't should get together with people in a similar position and ask your Councillors and the Council about it.)Ealing and Hounslow are grouped together together with Brent and Richmond upon Thames together with some others but there are definitely some reciprocal arrangements between these four. Check out the individual websites for their facilities and requirements. Check out the West London Waste Authority website: to your question about the Sainsbury's recycling area:I expect they thought that Sainsbury's would close it down if it was abused just as many of (if not all of) the other outdoor supermarket recycling areas seem to have already been.  I wrote this in my first reply and so has Jim Lawes.  Abuse It and you'll Lose It. 

Philippa Bond ● 135d