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"Can’t stand James O’Brien" I in truth don't mind him depending on the subject but not a huge fan,  He has fallen into that I told you so too much and I'm correct and other media outlets are all wrong. If you give many opinions out every day of the week you are bound to get some right. Like others, they don't mention the ones they get wrong or badly wrong. He is not the only one that does i told you so these days given the way peoples opinions are so dividedFor James, he got one so very badly wrong eventually the person went on the run after escaping to Sweden. At least he acknowledged it later, but not his own opinion within the interviews.  ​If we are talking LBC, tom Swarbrick is very good. Maybe because he gives like others air time to everyone's opinions and its not my opinion so your wrong and I'm right so your not getting air time or  I'm going to make you silly. Basically put the person down in a certain way that does not make good listening, but props up one's own ego.​Anyway, we move on as we all make mistakes. mystery hour can be good. But then it is my opinion and i could be wrong. But if i hated him i would not tune in whatsoever which is not the case.Radio goes through many changes within a year and many have their favourites, so change is hated by some. The BBC radio one switch for Robert Elms and joe good in favour of Eddie Nestor did notgo down well for many. It is said it was about making the daytime schedule more diverse by listeners. Be interesting to know the RAJ figures 6 months in after that change of schedule took place.The BBC to get changes very badly wrong, Question of sport for TV is one that I think has backfired given the viewing figures. Maybe it helps to have people who know about  sport in general as a starting point

Julian Pavey ● 36d