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18 months on there are people who still don't get it.Still believing that a positive attitude is the best way to tackle this virus.The real shame of the report from the inquiry into the handling of this crisis last week was that they focussed on the stupid ignorant complacent self interested response of our government in March 2020. The real failings were that our government continued to ignore their mistakes and ignore the learnings from the thousands of people who died unnecessarily due to the delayed first lockdown.Instead, our government encouraged everyone to spend August 2020 spreading the virus in restaurants. With obvious consequences, so that in September 2020 we should have gone into lockdown again. But again, the government delayed until it was too late for thousands and beyond obvious and didn't lock down until November 5th 2020. Yet again the government didn't learn from its mistakes. And let us out for Christmas. Before it was safe. Leading to more virus spread and more unnecessary deaths. And another lockdown too late in Jan 2021.No-one wants another lockdown. It's true that deaths are a lot less than before.But...The number of people in hospital is up. Now over 8.000Over 800 of those are in intensive careDaily deaths are "low" but rising & still over 1,000 a weekNew Cases are rising 52k today.Yet...No one is wearing masksBig crowded events continueBooster Jab anyone? No chance you need to be in Israel, France or Germany for thatI'm not suggesting a lockdown. But we do need some sensible restrictions now based on our learnings these past 18 months.But nothing has changed in our attitude or most importantly the governments. Ignore the science until it is too late.

Richard Potts ● 36d