The ‘New Normal’? Some things don’t change…

Michael Moran contemplates 55 years of Top Hat Cleaners in Chiswick (Ad)

In 1967 Mike and Pat Moran opened Top Hat Cleaners, initially in Hounslow, and the following year in Chiswick. They survived the 70’s, difficult times in the 1980s, grew a little, contracted a little, boom and bust, but Top Hat consistently served West London with quality cleaning and friendly service. Brexit came and went, Boris left London for the top job and 2017 saw Top Hat celebrating 50 years in a very competitive business.

Cue Covid-19…The pandemic affected everyone in numerous ways and all of us suffered loss in its various forms. Across the past two years Top Hat endured, remaining open throughout the three lockdowns, supporting those key workers that needed the service and with owner Mike Moran working tirelessly to retain his staff’s jobs and livelihoods despite minimal income.

So now, with the second anniversary of Covid looming in March 2022, Top Hat continues, maintaining the very best cleaning service in demanding times. Mike, Billy and the team still offer a smile, a joke and concern for their community, a symbol of how the country and the neighbourhoods of West London have found their way through an awful two years. As we look both back and forward, we consider what the ’new normal’ is going to look like…

Better? Worse? Well, whatever it looks like, whatever’s next, Top Hat, just like the rest of the UK will simply keep on keeping on. Opening every day, delivering dry cleaning and laundry with professionalism and a smile.

Mike Moran

March 3, 2022

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