Top Hat Drycleaners – moving forward on C19…

Protecting our staff while serving the community

On Sunday 10th May Boris Johnson began the process of returning the UK to normal life in response to recent Corona virus developments and strategies for the safe resumption of day-to-day life. It will be a long and complicated process, with the possibility of a return to more intensive lockdown rules if the virus returns to March and April levels. However, for now we can start to resume day-to-day activities and Top Hat wants to support this movement.

Top Hat have carefully considered the issues, balancing safety with the need and desire to return to normal, and have decided to extend opening hours to reflect the Government's guidance and strategy. Both Top Hat branches, on Devonshire Road in Chiswick and at King Street in Hammersmith, are now open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, opening from 9am until 3pm. These opening hours remain reduced from pre-C19 days to reflect the lower level of business, and staff availability due to childcare issues, but they do offer the service our local community requires. Some services, for example the repairs facility remain temporarily unavailable, but Top Hat is able to meet most customers' needs.

Top Hat recognises the importance of continued vigilance and staff will ‘Stay Alert'. Staff will also implement Government guidance to support staff and customer safety, so only one customer will be allowed inside the shops and all visitors are asked to respect the 2m social distancing guideline while waiting outside. Top Hat will of course also monitor staff and business hygiene within the premises.

Helpfully, the drycleaning process is an effective barrier for the virus. The chemicals used in the drycleaning and laundry processes do disinfect those items treated, providing virus-free clothing and linen. After weeks of lockdown, this is especially helpful for our bed linen.

Top Hat will do it’s ‘bit’, so let’s move forward together; following the guidelines, maintaining the all-important social distancing rules, but moving towards the normal day-to-day life we all want. Stay safe!

20 Devonshire Road, W4 2HD

020 8995 9813


May 18, 2020