Stretchworks Online Classes

Stretchworks Online Classes


During these challenging times, where our mental and physical well-being are key to our long-term, overall health, I have started teaching Stretchworks classes online.

My aim with teaching Stretchworks Online was to find a way to deliver a class that best replicates the ethos of the classes I usually teach in person; to provide a safe, caring environment, and as important, that supports and protects everyone's privacy and trust with myself and each other.

It has been a real joy to be able to meet and support so many new people through the wonders of online teaching.

While you can explore Stretchworks through briefly:

Stretchworks offers a unique fitness programme using controlled stretching and strengthening exercises that are specifically designed to be adapted to your individual needs, and is suitable for all ages and abilities

Endorsed and supported by medical practitioners and psychologists, and highly regarded by elite athletes, Stretchworks is at the forefront of understanding how the link between the emotional and the physical directly contributes to our overall health and well-being.

As you will discover, the benefits of Stretchworks are limitless and play a pivotal role in helping you achieve and maintain optimum fitness for life!

Alison Evans

My name is Alison Evans, founder of Stretchworks. I began developing this exercise programme over 35 years ago. Having initially trained and worked extensively as a professional dancer with top choreographers including Arlene Phillips, and teaching at the Pineapple Studios, I started to explore alternative approaches after seeing the numerous injuries dancers were sustaining.

Initially, I was asked to work with athletes and dancers and, as they were experiencing fewer injuries and recuperating relatively quicker, I was soon brought to the attention of elite athletes: spending 3 years with a Premiership Football Club, and working with Torvill and Dean as they prepared for their 1994 Olympic comeback.

With growing demand for Stretchworks, and seeing the numerous long-term benefits both physically and emotionally, I developed the work further so everyone could benefit from Stretchworks.

I have since released a Stretchworks DVD, written a training manual with medical practitioners and psychologists, and written articles for/featured in various magazines.


“Alison has an incredibly rare ability to empathise and care for people who come into her classes. Her keen eye and sensitivity have touched us all”

“You feel that Alison's gentle stretches have given your body a thorough workout while at the same time your mind has been cleared of negatives and you finish the class with an overwhelming sense of calm and optimism”

“Having spent a lot of time in rehab with injuries, since attending Alison's classes, I have been able to play football without injury. It is the most beneficial workout for maintaining and achieving optimum fitness”


July 1, 2020

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Stretchworks Online Classes

The fee per class is £5 per individual or household.

For further information, please contact me on
0208 357 7487 and 07715 444090