Tired of following diet after diet to then regain your lost weight?

Maybe it is time to try Resolve Food Addiction (Ad)

Are you tired of following diet after diet to then regain your lost weight? Have you been struggling to lose weight for years without success? Maybe it is time to try a different approach. Resolve Food Addiction is a new eating disorder/weight loss service set up by two local doctors. Our innovative program can help you to find out the reasons behind your unsuccessful attempts at achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and to find long term recovery. Contact us today for a FREE FIRST CONSULTATION with one of our doctors.

Dr Eva Clemente and Dr Raquel Delgado are two GP residents in Ealing who have launched a program called Resolve Food Addiction. Both are medical doctors who trained in food addiction treatment. They work with people who struggle with weight loss, weight loss maintenance and obsessions with food. The programme helps clients break the cycle of dieting and regaining weight through support strategies that tackle the overuse of food to relieve stress, anxiety, relationship problems or unresolved trauma. 

“For most of our clients, giving up fast foods, sugar rich foods and carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, cakes, biscuits and desserts is a real struggle. We use an innovative, tailored approach that helps clients remove the problem foods and then break the cycle of dieting and relapsing into unhealthy eating.” Dr Raquel Delgado has been working for the NHS for 25 years. She became frustrated witnessing many patients struggling with weight issues while following the vast array of diet programmes available in the market.

“We now know that being overweight, suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure puts people at risk of developing complications from COVID 19. There is a lot we can do to control these medical conditions and increase our general health and wellbeing.

The pandemic has had a negative impact on the mental health of many patients, and as a consequence we have seen worsening control of many chronic conditions including obesity.” Dr Eva Clemente has been working in the COVID vaccination programme and was recently featured on the front page of Around Ealing.

Dr Clemente and Dr Delgado have 50 years of combined experience of dealing with people with complications from weight problems. They believe that food addiction is the missing link in the treatment of many patients who struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

“My experience with the plan has been very positive. I’ve experienced major changes that go far beyond the physical level. I have learned to analyse myself and to know myself better, to be able to control certain situations and to improve my relationship with food and with others. Raquel’s follow-up has been instrumental in this process: her support and advice have motivated me at all times, and she has provided me with many resources to use for myself in times of weakness. I’m very grateful for all this.”
Gema, Madrid

“The Resolve Food Addiction program has definitely changed my relationship with food, I no longer fall into cravings and I’m not thinking about eating continuously. It has been very easy for me to follow the meal plan always accompanied by my doctor Eva. You feel like you’re not alone in this challenge that has nothing to do with a diet. This is something different and it works.”
Katrina, Las Palmas

For more information visit our website, where you can do our food addiction quiz to check if you could be suffering with a food addiction.


Alternatively, contact us on info@resolvefoodaddiction.com to book a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our doctors.


December 7, 2021

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Contact us on info@resolvefoodaddiction.com
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