Zoom Past The Supermarket Queues In West London

Ocado Zoom delivers just what the doctor ordered – more food, less waiting

Britons may be known for their queuing skills but even this patient population has its limits. With social distancing restrictions still in place, the supermarket experience is more prolonged than ever.

Not only do customers have to worry about keeping their distance from their fellow shoppers and wearing a face mask, but they also have the added anxiety of wondering how many hands have touched each item.

Thankfully, Ocado Zoom is perfectly placed to solve this problem for west Londoners – all from a safe, social distance. Ocado Zoom allows you to get groceries delivered on the same day that you order them. The technology behind it means the food selection process is automated and orders can be filled by robot hands, instead of human ones.

Not only that, but Ocado Zoom can help busy Brits who are taking the opportunity to see friends and family this summer. There's no need to queue for an hour to enter into your local supermarket, when you can get both fresh and frozen food delivered in a jiffy.

Kelly from Acton said that the whole process is ‘super convenient – having to walk back from the shops like an octopus is now a thing of the past.'

The best part is that there are over 10,000 items to choose from. Zoom allows you to ‘shop small' by getting orders of a minimum of £15 delivered straight to your door. That's not bad at all, especially if your alternative is going to take away from your valuable time. Think of it as your neighbourhood greengrocer – just super-powered and able to deliver flour in an hour.

Daniella from Brentford agrees that Zoom is an ‘absolute game changer! [It's] like an exceptionally well stocked corner shop with the great hours, better choice of products, but with quick and affordable delivery.'

Make the most of the summer with Ocado Zoom. Download the app or visit ocadozoom.com to get your first Zoom. First orders even get 30% off with the voucher code CHISWICK30 – so don't zoom out to the supermarket until you've tried this first.

May 5, 2021

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