Helping Separated Families With Their Arrangements During Covid 19

Helen Pidgeon discusses how mediation can help

Mediation can help separated parents make arrangements for their children and separated couples deal with financial concerns during the outbreak of the coronavirus and the governments new rules recently introduced on staying at home. The current government advice is that children who move regularly between the households of their parents can continue to do so if those households are well.

Whilst this is a very difficult time for everyone it is perhaps especially difficult for those families who are separated where children would normally spend time separately with each parent. It can be a very worrying time if your child is not with you and communication with your former partner can sometimes be difficult. New arrangements may well be required to ensure that your children can maintain a good relationship with both parents during this time if they are not able to move so easily between the households. The families' finances may already be under pressure by virtue of having two households and they may be even more stretched in the coming months.

We would suggested that mediation is a good forum to use to have these conversations, especially whilst everyone is under pressure and stress and there be difficulties with communication between you.

During this period we can offer mediation using video conference facilities which are easy for you to use from your home.

Mediation offers a neutral environment to discuss issues concerning arrangements for your children and the family's finances and changes that are happening over the coming months. We focus on what matters to you and finding workable solutions to deal with these extraordinary times.

Mediation is a very practical forum. With guidance and support we assist you to generate and explore your options in a creative and cooperative way. Different options can be canvassed and considered to see how they would work in practice on a day to day basis. You and your former partner have a remote meeting together with a family mediator to discuss your issues in a safe and non judgmental environment. It provides clarity to your situation and focuses on the immediate concerns. It is a voluntary process. A mediator cannot impose a decision on either party. The intention is to encourage openness and a willingness to negotiate, with both parties working towards a settlement.

Helen Pidgeon is a qualified mediator. In this role she can offer legal information, explanation and guidance in an impartial manner. Each party may wish to seek their own independent legal advice from another solicitor at the same time so you can engage in mediation on an informed basis. We would be happy to make recommendations for other solicitors to provide that advice who appreciate and respect the mediation process.

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March 26, 2020

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