No time for fitness?

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No time for fitness?

Discover a new approach to health and fitness at fit20 Chiswick (Ad)

fit20 London Chiswick
273 Chiswick High Road
W4 4PU
07305 011 863 & 07939 808 802

Family and work commitments take up significant amount of time and it`s too easy to dismiss our own needs in order to prioritize those around us. But how effective are we if we neglect our health and fitness?

Wouldn`t it be great if there was a way to get fit that didn`t take up too much time and was easy to stick with?


Our scientifically proven method of training guarantees to get results in the shortest possible time.

HEAR FROM THE fit20 Personal Trainers:

You need to be consistent to get results from exercise, which means you have 2 options:

1. Find an activity that you really enjoy so you are happy to do it over and over again the whole year round, or:

2.Find a method of training that is of such a minor inconvenience that you don`t mind doing it.

This is where fit20 comes in and we liken it to brushing your teeth – people don`t wake up every day looking forward to brushing their teeth, but it is a minor inconvenience with great benefits so everyone is happy to do it.

fit20 is done only once a week so it is a minor inconvenience and the benefits are huge: anything from burning calories, lowering blood pressure, fighting osteo-arthritis and increased metabolism, improving cardiovascular fitness, posture and better body shape to toning up and feeling and looking great!

At fit20, members concentrate on their health and fitness in a focused time frame. Workouts are designed to accommodate busy schedules and meet personalized physical and training requirements.

“We have a scientifically backed program that tracks your progress weekly in a database so we can see how your strength is increasing over time,” fit20 Chiswick owner Attila Leb said. “The majority of our members see a dramatic improvement within the first three months.” 

Safe and efficient exercise

Attila said people often struggle with form and technique when they go to the gym, which can decrease the effectiveness of the workout and might even lead to injury. At fit20 members use specialized equipment and trainers monitor their form during each session.

fit20 Chiswick offers a fitness experience in an environment that is built to keep us safe from COVID19. Our studio is cleaned meticulously before anyone even steps into their next training session. This is one of our standards of excellence. A clean and calm training environment

No mirrors, crowds or judgements

Somewhere along their quest to improve their health and fitness, many people join a gym. But it’s easy to become “gym-timidated” by mirrors on every wall, loud music and disruptive crowds. 

Members won’t find any of that at fit20, where the space is comfortable and the trainers are supportive. Attila said there is never more than three people in the studio at any time; doors are always closed during workouts to maintain quiet and privacy. 

Come say hello at our studio on Chiswick High Road

You can make an appointment for a completely free, no-obligation introductory fit20 training session and try it for yourself. Nothing beats a personal experience.

Signing up for this session is possible via our website:

Address: fit20 London Chiswick, 273 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4PU
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Phone nr.: 07939808802 / 07305011863



January 7, 2022