Terrible Brothers

Local author Calum Kerr's second book in the "Terrible People" trilogy will be released in September.

Chiswick author Calum Kerr's second book in the “Terrible People” trilogy will be released in September and will be published by Bryher House Publishing.


Apparently, one of the main characters has sold his palatial house in Grove Park and moved to a penthouse in the Fulham Reach development near Hammersmith Bridge. But the other main character has recovered and is still ensconced in Chiswick Mall.

Chiswick locations are still featured and the violence and death count remain high. Like “Dirty Money Terrible People” the new book “Terrible Brothers” is not for readers who are easily shocked.

Kerr says: “These books are designed to resonate with broad-minded, intelligent mature adults and the Amazon reviews for “Dirty Money” speak for themselves:”

  • “A faint-hearted soul, I was absolutely terrified by Dirty Money, Terrible People, but I couldn't put it down. A well told tale with many twists and turns, full of colour and strong characters. I was glad of the short chapters as they gave me chance to come up for air but then I was straight back into this scary, fast-paced thriller. Would I return to this author, absolutely! Can't wait for the second book in the series. What a debut.”
  • “A really cracking thriller with a refreshingly straightforward plot, engaging characters and a great sense of place. Kerr displays an encyclopaedic knowledge of West London, exclusive restaurants and the business of high finance; all populated by a rich assortment of heroes and villains from a retired SBS man to a female masochist who makes Rosa Klebb look like your maiden aunt. Strongly recommended.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this book … it is written with a keen eye to detail and keeps you turning the pages. Being familiar with West London it was fun to be able to imagine the protagonists in their ‘habitats'.”
  • “I am so looking forward to the next book in The Terrible People series. The characters are well crafted, the main character, William is very engaging however I am a little bit concerned about the state of his liver! An interesting fast-paced thriller with some twists and turns, however there are some pages which are not for the faint-hearted … but so well written. Well Done!”
  • “Title is apt. Lots of mystery, sadism, and sex. Well written with great attention to detail. Many very short chapters.”
  • “This is an outstanding first novel. Calum Kerr's writing is reminiscent of Peter James at his best, which is high praise indeed. Short chapters, high body count, unexpected twists and turns and excellent geographical knowledge. It is clear that the author had thoroughly researched his subject and called on his experience in working in financial services. His characters live in a rarified world of high finance and intrigue and are all believable
  • “I look forward to more of the same from this author. An excellent well researched fast moving novel which keeps one on the edge of their seat until the final pages”
  • “Well worth picking up and once done impossible to put down”.


May 11, 2021

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